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The Possible Effects Of Induced Abortion On Your Mental Health

Induced abortion is the process of doing an abortion yourself which is either done medically or outside a medical institution. An abortion is getting rid of an embryo or a fetus by detaching it from the mother’s womb. There are various ways to induce an abortion and they include;

Use of pills; these are common in states where abortions are legal. The procedure does not need a medical practitioner to be present.

There are other non conventional methods that are used in under developed countries, which are very harmful to the mother and are not considered successful, they include;

• Lifting of extremely heavy weights; during pregnancy, only minimum action is done so as not to strain the baby.
• Taking carrot seed soup; I wouldn’t want to imagine how this works but surely it doesn’t sound safe enough for both of you.
• Taking of dried henna powder; due to its high chemical content it is bound to cause a miscarriage once consumed.
• Abdominal massage; this will lead to relaxation of the womb which can result to opening of the cervix.
• Insertion of thin metal and sharp objects, this can lead to damage of both the uterus and the womb. This can even result to death of the mother.

Relationship between mental health and induced abortion

There has been always a dispute between religious views and social views on issues about abortions. The religious views are such that abortion should be illegal since it involves killing an innocent child. While the social views are that the reason for the abortion justifies why you should do it. The moral impact of this belief has led to lot of instability in mental health of women who have had an abortion. The women who get pregnant in a society that believes that no children before wedlock are subjected to judgment and stigma therefore leading them to abort. After the process the women end up unstable mentally due to the trauma.

While the mental health of the woman would have got better if she had the baby, getting an abortion makes her mentality deteriorate. If a woman has a history of mental health problems they may be accelerated by having an abortion.

Behaviors associated with mental health caused by abortion;

• Detachment from people; the woman may get detached and is always sullen making it hard for her to socialize.
• Obsession; the woman may tend to be obsessed with other peoples babies so that she can cover her loss.
• Talking to herself and imagining things; she might end up having an imaginary baby that she uses to compensate for the one she lost.
• Emotional pain; it may not show on the outside but she lives with the pain the whole of her life.

Instead of passing judgment to the victims who had an abortion we should instead offer moral support which will help remove the burden on them that is causing damage to their mental health. As a woman if you are not emotionally strong you should then consider if having that induced abortion is a good thing for your mental and physical health. Your health and safety begins with you!