Finding Love at unexpected place: Paddington Escort

By | June 23, 2018



To be able to find the love of your life is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It is something magical and different feeling. Many couples have testified what love can do with them; some say when you encounter the love of your life never let them go again and make a move. The love of your life will be the source of your strength and happiness in life. You have many reasons to wake up each day and plans for the future. The love of your life is given you inspiration and motivation every day. He/she will provide you another exciting experience to your journey. Love is a beautiful feeling, and you have to take care of it. You have to love the person with all your heart, mind and soul. If you found the love of your life, always improve your relationship to the next level and never make anything to ruin the relationship.


Life for me is excellent and comfortable. I have been given a beautiful life with my parents. I am born and raised in Chicago. Our family resides here for fifty years now, and my parents all came here. We have a business that my parents run; they have the ability to grow it through the years. They have done everything they can to protect and keep our family whole. According to my father, he was not born wealthy, as my mother too but what he become for now is because of my mother, and he is always thankful to her. My father always told me that to pick a woman is easy, but to find a woman who will enter your life and support you is hard. Women help man to improve the living, and you should marry the kind of women that is through more productive and more miserable.


My parents had sent me to one of the most prestigious schools in Chicago, and I did my part too as the eldest son. In our family, eldest son will take over the business and must have completed his studies. I finished college with academic honors and nothing more proud other than my parents. They have supported me through the years, and it’s time to return it to them. I became the CEO of the business, and for my first task, I move to Paddington and book myself a Paddington escort from And I have never thought that my first book will be the love of my life, Se is beautiful as well a funny woman. She has a pure heart and pleasant personalities. I have pursued her, and over time she became mine.