Mayfair escorts vs Amsterdam escorts

By | February 18, 2016

They say that the housing boom has now moved onto Amsterdam, and that the London house price bubble is about to burst. I have to say that I have noticed changes in the dating patterns of many gents as well. Lots of my regular gents are now visiting Amsterdam on a more frequent basis, and they are dating Amsterdam escorts during their visits. They say that Amsterdam escorts are just as hot and sexy as Mayfair escorts. It does not surprise me that gents are moving on, visiting London on a regular basis must be a very expensive undertaking.

When I first started to work for Mayfair escorts, almost all gents visited London for their pleasures. In the last six months that has changed a lot. Gents are now looking after their money a lot more, and they are worried about their bank balance. A couple of the gents that I date work in finance, and they say that there could be another crisis. Honestly, I have started to believe me and I am sure that they could be right. I used to spend a lot of my money but I have now started to save a lot more.

the pure love of mayfair escorts

the pure love of mayfair escorts

It is kind of upsetting all of this and it annoys me that Amsterdam escorts seem to be more popular than Mayfair escorts. I have not as yet been to Amsterdam but I hope to have some time off soon. My friends and I intend to travel over to see what Amsterdam girls are all about, and what kind of dating styles they are into. Yes, it is okay to read about in on the Internet but I would actually like to have a chat to a couple of the girls. They might be doing something that we are not.

I have noticed that my earnings here at the agency has gone down a little bit, and that we are dating a few more local gents. For awhile, it was like the local gents dated elsewhere but as I have dropped my rates a little bit, they do seem to be returning. I think that you need to be realistic, and expect that not even people with tons of money will be able to afford to date escorts in London all of the time. I would like to think that Mayfair escorts could do really well again, and I suppose this summer season will tell us a bit more.

Most of the girls who work for Mayfair escorts are a bit concerned about the future. They appreciate that not all gents can afford to pay really high prices for dates. I totally agree with that but it is so expensive to work here in London. More than anything, I think that the owners of apartments used by escorts must lower their rents. The girls are really worried about the future, and I am not so sure that all of the girls who are working for the agency at the moment, want to continue working here for much longer.

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