Success, after all, I have been through and became an Enfield Escort.

By | July 16, 2018



All of us want to have a happy life, a comfortable and stress-free. We are tired of what we used to have, especially in times of poverty. To live poor is one of the hardest challenges in life, you have to struggle hard and go on with your life. You have to do extra work for your survival, and even you are too much tired, it doesn’t matter as long as you are ready to go on a day. Life is hard, and we have to do everything we can to keep living. Sometimes we feel unlucky and keep blaming God, on why we have stillborn and experienced such difficulties. “If he is God, why he keeps allowing things to happen in our life?” “Why experienced such life?” Yes maybe it is hard, but other people have overcome it. As we see, many people have not given up knowing he could be, but instead of surrendering they took every problem as an opportunity. Our life depends on what we thought; it can block our way or enlighten it. To think of negatively, of course, you feel tired and weak, it feels like you need to stop the pain by killing yourself, you lose hope and the reason to live. But a positive thought can change everything about your life. Constant positivity brings success and changes. Yes, you may suffer now, but at the end, you will become who you want to be. Sometimes, it will take too long, but at least we are progressing every day.


My life has never been perfect like anyone else; I have gone through difficulty and experience cruelty. I never thought of to become who I am now; this was all my dreams coming real. I remain positive all my life, despite the hardship, I never give up on my dreams. I want to reach my thoughts, and yes it does not happen right away, but at least I did it. My parents couldn’t afford to send me to school, so I have to work hard for my education. My routine is school at day, work at night, and if I get extra time, I try to help my parents selling in the street. Until I have Finish College, I went to London to enjoy myself, but I never thought that it could lead me to my destiny. I became an Enfield escort from, more than anything else I am happy with my work. I got to see a lot of people, and know them. Aside from its fun, I also have raised my family. I slowly bought a home and car. My life is more comfortable now, and that is because I became an Enfield escort.