Things to Buy Your Man for Halloween

By | October 20, 2017

I have a couple of favorite gents that I look to hook up with at London x city escorts and during special times of the year, I like to give them little presents. In years gone past, they have all received gifts from me during Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but I am going to be away for Christmas this year, so I thought that I should treat them a little bot earlier this year. There are a lot of tacky things you can buy your gent during Halloween, but I don’t want to be tacky. After all, these gents have been very loyal to me at London escorts, so I would like to buy them all something special. The other day, I stopped by a London department store and spotted the cutest ties with little devils on them. They were made from silk, and there certainly is not anything tacky about silk ties. That is one of my option. What about a tie pin? Tie pins went out of fashion for a while, but now it seems to be back.

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In London it is rather easy to find bespoke gifts and when I went in my favorite shop the other day to get my watch mended, I spotted a tie pin with a pumpkin on it. Don’t worry, it was not a cheap and cheerful tie pin. As a matter of fact I rather liked the design myself so I invested in a charm for me. It looks great on my necklace. The other thing that I thought of would be hankies. I am surprised how many gents I date at London escorts who still like to keep a hankie in their pocket. If you look at some of the best tailors in and around London, you will find that many of them have available nice hankies. I might just buy my gents a couple of quality hankies so every time they blow their nose, they can remember me. Nothing like a little bit of a blow to remember you favorite girl from a London escorts service. Some of the girls who are my friends here at London escorts say that I spoil my gents too much. I don’t think so, and I guess things are different for all of us here at London escorts. I am one of the busiest girls at this London escorts service so I look after my gents. They keep coming back to me all of the time. Really I don’ think that I need an excuse to treat my gents to something special. Why should I not be allowed to give a little bit back to my gents? After all, they seem to enjoy spoiling me. If nothing else, a nice bottle of after shave would go down a treat, and they could always keep it in their offices. There is no need to tell your partner where that little naughty present came from, you may just have bought it as a treat for yourself.